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L-R Bon Joli Braveheart, Bon Joli Maxxedout Inthered, T4 Uno Mas, Downens Weatherman, and KALR Stone Cold S.A. (Steve)

The Boys of Bon Joli

Almost from the beginning of the breed in the U.S. we were attracted to the non traditional Boers. Of course we started with traditional embryos from New Zealand, but since we knew in advance that the Boer goats were coming, and needed does to carry the embryos we ordered in 1993, we prepared ourselves by building a herd of healthy recipients of our own breeding. This starter herd was predominately of paint Spanish and Tennessee does, on which we used a red registered Nubian buck. The offspring were colorful, to say the least, and we liked them that way.

You take the one on the left--the one on the right is mine...

When the opportunity came to invest in good bucks that were red, or at least had more color than was preferred on the “correct” animals, we bought them or bred to them. We bought LSBG Quanah Parker, a paint son of Arrowhead's Gideon, in 1996. In 1997, we bought a half interest in Rojo Grande, a red son of GAR Gordon. GAR Gordon was a half brother to GAR Aduwa Sasquatch out of a KOOS 256 daughter, making him part of the genepool that founded the great E.G.G.S. bloodlines. Rojo Grande and his red son, Bon Joli Titanic, made great improvements in our fullblood colored Boer goats. 1999 brought a flush of two of our best red does to Tribute's Chocolate Romeo, a very good dark red son of EGGStreme, out of a Ubora daughter, and really set the foundation of our red doe herd.

Downen's Weatherman 

We bought FSE Highwayman from Lynn Farmer in 2000–a magnificent full South African Boer buck sired by SEBG Nico Botha Highlanders 104 and out of JLF Pillio (Mojo x Frances). He was a non traditional Boer, having extra color on his legs, belly, and back. He produced excellent kids when crossed on our existing lines, although many of his offspring were traditional in color. However, the daughters we kept produced color for us, and we were delighted to have his genetics in our herd.

Also in 2000 we bought Downen's Weatherman–a full South African, handsome paint son of DOW K204, which was the flushmate brother to Ewing Downen's great buck, Pipeline. Weatherman produced pretty, feminine daughters, and added extremely dark, rich, chocolate-brown color to our herd, along with a quiet, easy disposition. He is now in pampered semi-retirement with Peggy Taylor, at Rocky Springs Farm.

KALR Stone Cold S.A. (a.k.a. Steve)

"Steve" - 3 years old
"Steve" - 2 years old

2002 saw the addition of KALR Stone Cold S.A., a great red buck from Kallie Kohls York. His bloodlines include Sumo and Highlanders 104. He is full South African, but his name is an abbreviation of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the wrestler–we just call him “Steve”. This buck, on top of the good sire lines we already had in the doe herd, just MADE our colored program. He produces good heads, muscle, and bone in his offspring, yet his daughters are still feminine. The Duseks of the Lazy S-T Ranch bought Bon Joli Flashdance from us, and had her bred to Steve. The red twin bucks from that breeding, Red Ryder and Red Raider, were the 2004 ABGA National Champion Junior Pair of Bucks. Red Ryder went on to produce a great paint buck, Red Racer, who was the 2006 ABGA Reserve National Champion Buck. Randy was so pleased with what Steve did for his breeding program, that he bought a half interest in him, and we are now partners on the buck. We are extremely pleased with the good reception Steve offspring have had in the sales ring and show arena. And, last but not least, Steve sired Rhodapple, the dappled buck that is our pride and joy. See the Spots, Dots, and Dapples page for more on Rhodapple and his family.

Bonaparte's Retreat

Retreat is a very correct red hipped buck from a collaboration of H.C. Carter and Sisters 2 (Beth Mason and Becky Sauer). He is a grandson of ABGA National Champion ESDR Gus, and linebred to ennobled 2SIS Favorite Trick. I like to loosely linebreed on Sumo, and Highlanders 104, and this guy provided a handsome package that brought some Sumo, plus the Favorite Trick and Gus that we had really admired, to our herd. He has made some exceptional, show quality kids for us. We tend to lose color on his breedings, but color runs strong in our herd, so his traditional daughters should produce color when bred to red bucks, and his colored offspring are absolute knockouts to me. You know I'm happy with him when I say I've put some of his traditional daughters in the keeper pen!

NK Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack at 6 months

Bon Joli Farm has produced a few good wethers over the years, with a number of nice wins. This is not our main market–it's something we do as a sideline to our percentage doe herd and to supply showable kids for our son's 4H projects, with a few left over for sale. The wether market has become highly competitive, and in some show venues the percentage does are judged with an eye to wether production, so in 2005 we shopped for a wether sire. I wanted a red one, so he would not set our colored program back. I was fortunate that hurricane Katrina discouraged many out of state buyers from attending the Norman Kohls 2005 Holiday Sale, so I was able to buy a good red CEO son for a semi- reasonable price. Sneak Attack is smooth patterned, with strong, deep muscle in fore arm, loin, and butt. Actually, he has a hog butt, but very firm. He's got a long neck that rises high off his shoulders, and the whole assembly–neck, shoulders, loin and butt--tie smoothly together. His Bon Joli Farm kids are elegant and powerful, especially when they have Steve influenced does as their dams. Twin black percentage Sneak Attack daughters, shown by Laurie Sheridan's family, took top placings at Fort Worth this year, and now belong to the Hammack family. A wether son sold to the Cash Asmussen family took Grand Champion at the Laredo show, also in 2007. We have high hopes for the future of Sneak Attack's lines in our herd.

Sneak Attack - 2 years

Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark

Makers Mark was brought to Texas from Kentucky in 2006, and we used him extensively in the Bon Joli doe herd in order to produce ABGA registerable spotted and dappled Boer goats. He certainly did produce a lot of color, and some really pretty good kids. We will breed his spotted offspring to the best reds and paints in our herd to combine good conformation with striking color. Two of his daughters, Bon Joli Ladybug and Bon Joli Mint Julep, are in Holly McShane's Fern Hollow Farm herd in Georgia. Mark now belongs to Dave and Julie Maxwell of MAX Boer Goats in Pennsylvania. Photo courtesy of the Maxwells.

Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark.


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