A PEVA shower curtain is one great way that you can stop the release of dangerous toxins in your home. I know that this might sound sensational but believe me it is not. The industrial world is facing a huge issue of indoor pollutants. These pollutants are mostly caused by plastic goods that we buy. Shower curtains are a plastic good that most homes have and if you've ever purchased a standard plastic shower curtain, then it was likely made out of polyvinyl chloride, a common plastic that is known to release very harmful toxins into the air from a month to even a year after unpackaged.

You do not want these harmful chemicals released into the air inside your home. They smell awful for one thing but more importantly they are bad for your health. These chemicals cause trigger allergies, asthma, can create nausea, headaches, migraines and other much more serious issues. Yes, something as simply as a shower curtain made out of the wrong plastics can cause all of these issues. Imagine what other plastic products that you might have that are likely to cause similar issues inside your house. It is always smart to buy safe products.

The safest plastic shower curtain that you can purchase are clean PEVA shower curtains, they do not have the harmful chemicals or release toxins like PVC based plastic shower curtains. They are easy to clean, they are mildew resistant and will last for a very long time. They are only slightly more expensive than standard shower curtains but we are willing to be that you health is worth an extra few dollars, at least it should be! Pick the right shower curtain as not to release harmful chemicals into your house that will lower the air quality.

The best place to buy a clean PEVA shower curtain is online. We suggest online because it is convenient, you can find a larger variety of PEVA shower curtains and online prices are really great. Your local store is unlikely to have the huge inventory that online shops have. Online stores are also definitely less expensive than local stores, this is because the internet is a true open and free market where competition between various online merchants causes prices to decrease. You are the winner in all of this because you can look from site to site until you find what you are looking for at a price that you are willing to pay.

As you can see, we must protect the air quality inside of our homes. We destroy our indoor air quality in many ways, one is buy buying harmful plastic products like PVC based shower curtains that release harmful toxins and that risk our health. The better choice is to purchase PEVA shower curtains which are very safe, that do not release harmful toxins, that have a long life, that are easy to clean and to use. Your best bet is a PEVA shower curtain for your bathroom.

It is always good to go green. Environmentally friendly products are usually of better quality and leave the planet in a better condition for future generations. In case you worry about carcinogens and various other harmful chemicals, sustainable solutions are a safe bet.

Plastic is one of these harmful chemicals and carcinogens. It is destructive both health-wise and environmentally. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is present in everything from children’s toys to plastic shower curtains. It is a good idea to avoid PVC shower curtains and curtain liners because the hot steamy conditions in the bathroom releases various dangerous chemicals and carcinogens.

Top 6 Alternatives To PVC Shower Curtain Liners


Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) is a vinyl free of chloride meaning that it doesn’t release harmful gases. However, like PVC it is still affordable and waterproof. You can easily clean PEVA items and objects using some vinegar and regular soap and water.

PEVA is still far from perfect. Its manufacture involves the use of petrochemicals. However, it is still better than PVC since it contains fewer volatile organic compounds. You can choose PEVA or other types of shower curtain rails below depending on your requirements and choice.

2. Cotton

You might not know this but cotton shower curtain liners are actually available in the market. These liners are heavyweight and are made of cotton duck. They are easy to wash and make for a great alternative to PVC.

3. Linen

Linen is a natural, durable and earth-friendly material that works well as a shower curtain liner. Some stores stock a very popular version of linen curtain liner that retails for less than $60.

4. Hemp

Hemp is a great candidate for a material for shower curtain liners because it is naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew. It is also unbleached and machine washable and it will biodegrade if disposed of. Most of the hemp curtain liners are heavy in weight and this helps them block water from escaping the shower and down onto the floor better.

5. Polyester Fabric

Even though polyester is not perfect since it is a type of plastic, polyester fabric liners are great alternative to PVC. They have no PVC, are inexpensive, are easily washable, and they perform well.

6. Beeswax

Obviously, you cannot hang a shower curtain liner made of only beeswax. However, an ingenious tip of making regular fabric shower liners more water repellent involves coating the fabric with beeswax by simply rubbing wax over the surface of the fabric then recoating occasionally when needed. Using beeswax makes it possible to use lighter-weight fabrics for liners and this is a very wonderful prospect.

In conclusion, PVC is a dangerous choice for shower curtain liners because of the reasons listed in this article. Luckily, other environmentally friendly options for curtain liners are available in the market such as PEVA, polyester fabric, cotton, hemp, and linen. In addition, you can fashion sustainable liners by coating various fabrics using beeswax.

If you are in need of new shower curtains in your home, there are various options available to choose from. One of these options comes in the form of fabric shower curtains. Fabric shower curtains are available in various materials that include canvas, polyesters, organic cotton and nylon. Some home owners still enjoy the more traditional options that include heavy ornate-fabrics, brocades or velvet that require dry cleaning opposed to washing.

How Often Will You Be Using Your Shower Each Week?

If the showers in your home are used often, they probably will not have the chance to dry out properly between uses. Vinyl liners or vinyl curtains are often a better choice in this case. Other considerations that can cause an issue with your curtains over and above moisture will be soap scum. You will need to think about how much soap and water will come into contact with your curtains and whether the fabric will need to be dry-cleaned or washed.

How Often Are You Prepared To Clean Your Shower Curtains?

Taking down fabric curtains and then re positioning them each time they need to be cleaned can be described as a task that is labor intensive. Fabric curtains should typically receive a cleaning once a week, while other options such as vinyl only require a wash or wipe down monthly. The heavier fabrics like brocades or velvet usually require a dry-clean and cannot be washed which results in additional costs.

Are You In Search Of A Low Maintenance Curtain Or Ones That Offer A Visually Appealing Appearance?

You will need to decide how often you are prepared to wash your curtains or whether you would like the type of curtains that will suit your existing bathroom décor. Other considerations may include having to install a heavy-duty rod for heavier fabrics. Remember that fabric options will always need to be washed opposed to the plastic options. Installing an additional rod and extra liner can also contribute to a heavier task to take the curtains down and then put them back up again.

The Advantages Of Fabric Shower Curtains

•Fabric options come in a lot more weights, colors and designs when compared to the Ecoprene vinyl, plastic or vinyl options available today

•Fabric appears more plush, elegant and richer

•Many of the fabric options such as the cottons and polyesters are washable

•Fabric curtains are tied-back so that they hang better and look better

•Fabric curtains can be easily matched to shower and wallpaper décor than the vinyl or plastic options

The Disadvantages Of Fabric Curtains

•Fabric curtains are more expensive when compared to Ecoprene vinyl, plastic or vinyl

•Fabric options are heavier and often necessitate permanently installed and sturdier curtain rods along with additional hardware

•Mildew or mold can accumulate fast on fabric

•Fabric is usually a high-maintenance option when it comes to shower curtains

•Fabric must be washed unlike the vinyl or plastic options that usually only require a wipe down.

The bathroom is undeniably a room we spend a lot of time in. So naturally, we want our bathrooms to be not only clean, but organized and looking great! If the bathroom is a place we choose to splurge on when it comes to decorating, no doubt designer shower curtains are something that we may choose to buy for your bathroom. Where would we find designer shower curtains?

Firstly, before deciding to shop for a curtain, it's important to know what you want to get out of your bathroom space. Have you settled on a theme, or set of colors? This will greatly help you to be able to choose the best shower curtain for you. For example, if you have a bathroom that is made up of neutral colors, such as a white tub and commode, and beige counter tops, you can easily have any color or theme you would like. But if your bathroom is already full of color (such as a 1950s pink or blue bathroom) you may be more limited to what colors and themes you can bring into your space. In a case such as that, a neutral may be your best option.

As far as themes go, one perfect choice for a bathroom is a nautical theme. Boats, fish, mermaids, octopuses, you name it! Anything centered around water or the ocean is a wonderful option for your bathroom space. The beach is another great theme. If you don't exactly want to go all out, picking shades of blue to accent your bathroom with is perfectly acceptable as well. A great place to find an octopus shower curtain is www.shopplasticland.com. They have an octopus curtain, as well as a kraken curtain. Other ocean-themed bathroom accessories can be found there, too.

Once you've settled on the perfect theme, and have found the shower curtain that will really light up your bathroom space, don't forget about the extra accessories! Shower curtain rings and hooks can give extra life to your bathroom space. You don't have to settle on boring plastic rings if you don't want to. Browse around to find your perfect match!

So where would you go to find designer shower curtains? Shops in the mall are an excellent place to start. Pop into places like Dillard's and JcPenney to see what options they have available. If you are okay with waiting for your curtain in the mail, the internet holds the largest selection of designer shower curtains you could ask for. Check on web sites like www.houzz.com, www.burkedecor.com, and www.denydesigns.com.

If you would like to find the perfect designer shower curtain but would like to keep a few bucks in your wallet as well, check www.overstock.com. They have some curtains that 10 percent off, fifty percent off, even seventy percent off! Have the shower curtain of your dreams without spending an arm and a leg.

So if you're in the process of decorating your bathroom, and want a fantastic new designer shower curtain, you have plenty of options. Get out there and get shopping!